My recent research aims to overcome the classical “key point” of photography, which consists in capturing a single instant in space and time, sometimes culminating in the well known “decisive moment” of Henri Cartier-Bresson.
In projects such as “Around” multiple points of view of the same subject are put together in a single image. Several segments of space and time collapse into a complex-layered unit, just like an entire movie that would have been taken by turning around the subject and fixated on one frame. This creates a dense stratification of details and gives the viewer a richer and deeper dimension to explore, while maintaining the power of visual synthesis that photography offers in respect to cinematography.

Each print is made with the highest effort, quality and materials, and comes numbered and signed by me. Read more on this by going to the page Why Fine Art?.

You may also be interested in checking my Lifetime Fade-free Warranty and the other offered warranties in the Terms and Conditions page.

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