One, No One and One Hundred Thousand

A research on the essence of life which is inspired by the organism “Tree”, observed both as a single subject and as a representative of an entire species. The visual fusion of individuals, through superimposition, reinforces the universal and fades out the particular, leading us to a higher level of thought. The eternal value of mortal life lies in repetition of the individual’s uniqueness, which, if existing alone, would have no hope of survival. We are all “one, no one and one hundred thousand”.

The project was realized along the Po River Valley, in northern Italy. Each final print is composed by dozens of single shots. I have deliberately chosen the soft light and pastel colors, typical of those places on cloudy days, to confer a rather misty and graphical aesthetics to the final work. Finally, the canvas print contributes to underlining the texture and the atmosphere of the images.

Each print is made with the highest effort, quality and materials, and comes numbered and signed by me. Read more on this by going to the page Why Fine Art?.

You may also be interested in checking my Lifetime Fade-free Warranty and the other offered warranties in the Terms and Conditions page.

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