White Walls

This project focuses on the concept of “vacancy” as an increasingly rare subject to find in our chaotic contemporary cities. Something that still has the power to make us feel uncomfortable, with the urge to fill it with things, colors and “signs”. Indeed our minds are no longer accustomed to the absence of messages. And even the vacuum itself, like a black hole, yearns to be filled in by attracting everything in its range with some sort of magnetic energy..

Here in Berlin I feel this kind of “vacancy” each time I happen to be in one of its many “non-places”. Forgotten empty spaces overcome by dull blind buildings whose white walls resemble giant sheets waiting to be written on, to become part of the “whole”. Those surfaces seem to glow in the bright sunlight like enchanting alien monoliths, making us lose the sense of meanings.

For this project I decided to make use of the analog pinhole photography on large format film. I did this for a series of reasons, the most important ones being the need to take my time with those places and the desire to make the emulsion itself “breathe” the atmosphere through the direct contact with the outside air. Moreover, the inherent softness and strong vignetting of the pinhole photography contribute to enhancing the magnetic glowing light I described above.

Each print is made with the highest effort, quality and materials, and comes numbered and signed by me. Read more on this by going to the page Why Fine Art?.

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