The values of Fine Art

There are several good reasons why serious artworks have a higher price in respect to mass market products. Here below you’ll find the most important values of Fine Art:

The value of a Limited Edition
A limited edition print has a fixed number of copies that can be produced. When this limit is reached, no further copies will be printed later. Limited editions artworks are signed by the artist and numbered to show the unique number of that specific print and the total edition size. Original paintings for example are inherently limited to one single edition.

Photo prints can potentially be printed without limits, however by doing so the owner gets a mass market product, a print that anyone else may have. Conversely art photographers guarantee a limited maximum number of copies (called “edition”) for each print in order to produce value and uniqueness.

One of the values of a limited edition relies in its inherent rarity, which brings to a higher financial value that grows in time.

The value of Materials
Low-budget mass market prints are produced with cheap materials. Inks, papers, mats, frames and glues are not acid free and after some year they will cause color fading and, sometimes, stains. A cheap print is simply not made to last in time.

Conversely, fine art prints are made by using museum-quality acid-free materials. Besides having a better look, those materials will especially guarantee a lifelong duration of the original artwork’s beauty. Colors, contrast, paper whiteness and cleanliness, everything will remain exactly as you saw it for the first time.

Read about my “Lifetime Fade-Free Guarantee” in the “Terms and Conditions” page by clicking here.

The value of Research
Besides being aesthetically attractive an artwork is often linked to a research done by the artist. This research is the consequence of an idea, a concept turned into an image by the art photographer. Being aware of what’s behind an artwork should be of interest for any collector, and this “second level of reading” undoubtedly gives more depth and value to the artwork.

The value of Beauty and Style
Art is somehow like fashion, in the sense that owning artworks is a joy for the eyes and a sign of distinctive lifestyle. The owner develops a strong connection with the artwork and gives an intimate meaning to it. Being an art collector is an endless journey in the search of beauty.

The value of Investment
All the above reasons will guarantee that your purchase will be an investment, both in terms of life pleasure and from a financial point of view.