Berlin’s Cathedral – Festival of Lights 2018

Foto: Berlin's Cathedral - Festival of Lights 2018

Berlin’s Cathedral – Festival of Lights 2018 – © Marco Ristuccia

Like every year, this is the moment of the Festival of Lights here in Berlin. Usually I don’t like nor make those kind of shots. They are, so to say, too touristic. But in the last period I’ve been working too much time at home in front of my PC. And I needed an excuse for getting out and breathing a little bit of fresh air. Moreover, such a kind of posed images are always a good occasion to use my Hasselblad 503CW together with the CFV-50s digital back, which usually sit unused collecting dust. Past and present united together, this is what I think every time I observe these two examples of mechanical and electronic excellence that complement each other in a perfect aesthetic symbiosis.

The atmosphere here in Berlin is always calm and pleasant, and I really enjoyed this short walk to the Berlin’s Cathedral. Out of the many ones, I’ve chosen this shot mostly because of the couple’s silhouette standing through the backlight of the fountain, at the bottom part of the frame.

Taken with the Zeiss Distagon 40mm f4.0 FLE.

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