New solo exhibition: “IO ABITO A MATRIMONIO”

[cml_media_alt id='1993']Photo: solo exhibition "IO ABITO A MATRIMONIO"[/cml_media_alt]

Photo: solo exhibition “IO ABITO A MATRIMONIO”

Dear friends from Berlin, you’re all invited to my next solo exhibition called “IO ABITO A MATRIMONIO” (“I LIVE IN WEDDING”). A series of portraits/transits of people who have relations to our district “Wedding” (whose name often gives rise to ambiguity with the English meaning “marriage”).

The event will take place during the 2 Tage Wedding Kulturfestival at neontoaster. More details inside the attached image.

I’ll look forward to seeing you!

Around #19 – Autumn in Berlin

[cml_media_alt id='1714']Around #19 - Autumn in Berlin - © Marco Ristuccia[/cml_media_alt]

(Photo: Around #19 – Autumn in Berlin – © Marco Ristuccia)

There’s nothing better than a solitary autumn walk in the woods to reconcile ourselves with the world. And I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful wild park just near home. Needless to say, the fall has always been my preferred season, colorful and faded at the same time.

New shot for my series “Around”, a photo composition around some colored trees in this beautiful autumn in Berlin.

The artwork is printed in limited edition. It is available for sale by contacting me directly or by ordering it on-line on my Fine Art Showroom.

New exhibition for “White Walls”

A new exhibition for my project White Walls is on the way:

Exhibition White Walls - SPAZIO Corsivo"

SPAZIO Corsivo | Schliemannstr. 29 | 10437 Berlin

You’ll find more infos about this work by clicking here. Visits and feedbacks are really welcome!

White Walls

Photo: WW #05 – © Marco Ristuccia

Photo: WW #05 – © Marco Ristuccia

This project focuses on the concept of “vacancy” as an increasingly rare subject to find in our chaotic contemporary cities. Something that still has the power to make us feel uncomfortable, with the urge to fill it with things, colors and signs. Indeed our minds are no longer accustomed to the absence of messages. And even the vacuum itself, like a black hole, yearns to be filled in by attracting everything in its range with some sort of magnetic energy. Continue reading →