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A photo editing app for Apple iPad devices.

PhotoPatch is an iOS photo editing app for iPad devices.

Edit and overlap two images in a professional and easy way, just with your fingers!
Overlay them in creative ways with transparency and blending effects. Select which parts of the images to keep or to erase, add effects to the images. Enjoy a realistic preview of the final result during the entire workflow.
Being made by a photographer this app is conceived with ease of use in mind.

Main features:

  • Load background and foreground images from the photo library.
  • Swap the foreground and the background images and choose the best overlay order.
  • Move, scale and rotate the foreground image with your fingers and align it to your liking.
  • Flip the foreground and background images horizontally or vertically.
  • Select/unselect areas of the foreground or background images through the selection tools or the selection menu.
  • Selection tools: brush, eraser, magic wand, linear and circular gradients with creative user selectable parameters (edge hardness, tolerance, opacity points, …).
  • Apply a different effect filter to the foreground and background images (17 presets available).
  • Tune the foreground and background images (exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, hue, sharpness, …).
  • Overlap the foreground and background images with 19 different blending effects.
  • Vary the transparency of the foreground and the background images.
  • Undo/Redo the last action.
  • Save/Load the foreground or background selection mask.
  • You can use any image of the photo library as selection mask for the background or foreground image for outstanding creative results. It will be automatically stretched to fit the image it masks.
  • When you’re happy with the preview, just press the patch button (the plus sign) and the patch will be applied to the background image.
  • Export the resulting image with the full original metadata to the Photo Library, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, etc…
  • Two export formats supported: JPEG (with user selectable quality) and PNG
  • Three export sizes supported: Web (max 640 pixels), Medium (max 1024 pixels), Full (original size).
  • Help page always available within the app.

The ease of use of this app really opens your mind in a creative way. You can use it to apply textures, watermarks, frames, making double exposures. Just repeat the patching process with different foreground images to make multiple exposures.
I’m also an art photographer, look at my portfolio for examples what you can do with multiple exposures (


  • On iOS 7 the max supported resolution is 4096×4096 pixels (16 megapixels).
  • The free version (“PhotoPatch Lite”) only exports at Web resolution (max 640 pixels wide).


Here below you’ll find some examples of what can be done with PhotoPatch. See tutorials and tips on the blog.