Experimenting with Mobile Photography

A lot of debates about mobile photography are still ongoing. Recently I read an article written by an Italian journalist, Roberto Cotroneo, who defines himself as an intellectual, writer and poet. In this article he nostalgically (and also pathetically) criticizes the alleged poor quality of the new mobile means and softwares. Continue reading →

The birth of a new photo project

It’s always nice when a new photo project finds me and not vice versa. It happens like magic, as if it were written in our destiny.
It all starts with some subtle signal, coincidences, radio interferences. At first I don’t even notice it, but then, slowly, the brain tunes to the right frequency and finally I realize. From that moment on, the conscious quest begins, a research that leads to a new discovery, to a new adventure.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Another summer is going to end. In the last period I switched almost completely to monochrome photography. Maybe I’m tired of the tawdry and distracting colors, or I’m just more prone to focus on the “form” rather than on the “substance”. I really don’t know the reason why, but it’s a fact that I started seeing things in black & white.
Let’s see what will come…

iPhone photography and Photojournalism

Flohmarkt 01

Photo: Flohmarkt am Mauerpark – Berlin – IPhone-Hipstamatic photography
© Marco Ristuccia

In the last days there have been many debates about the destiny of Photojournalism and the new trend of mobile photography. I think there’s a bit of confusion about what’s happening, both on the editorial and on the photographer’s side, and I want to add my two cents. Continue reading →