New project and book: In the Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Ukraine)

[cml_media_alt id='2286']Photo: "In the Tunnel Of Love" #23 - © Marco Ristuccia[/cml_media_alt]

“In the Tunnel Of Love” #23 – © Marco Ristuccia

In the Tunnel of Love

When speaking of Ukraine most people immediately think of war, poverty and social problems. – The more I was intrigued when I looked up lists on the internet of the most romantic destinations in the world and always found a place in Ukraine on top: the Tunnel of Love. With the intent of investigating this internet hype I went there for a month in June 2017 together with my partner and journalist Christine.

The idyllic Tunnel of Love, a 4 km long arched canopy in northwestern Ukraine between the villages of Klevan and Orzhiv, was created in a joint collaboration with nature and man. After a wood factory was founded in Orzhiv in 1870, a single-track railway connection was built through the dense forest to Klevan’s main railway station, where timber continues to be reloaded and transported away to different countries. Depending on the schedule, a loaded train puffs through the forest at a leisurely pace several times daily, from the wood factory to the railway station and back again when empty. Often enough to gently force the branches of the trees along the track into an arch shape, rare enough to allow romantic couples and curious strollers to take long walks on the tracks and enjoy nature in an otherwise untouched state, a sort of fairytale world.
But even such a peaceful place cannot keep reality out: a Ukrainian military base, where defective tanks and weapons are repaired and made ready for use again, is hidden deep in the forest. The station has also been using the Tunnel of Love for a long time to protect her freightage from prying eyes. Some locals even claim that the tunnel has been well preserved only because of military interests.

A book about the Tunnel and its contradictory history, its people and the sometimes funny side of romance will be published soon.

Link to the first chapter of our book (a reportage):

Reportage photos: © Marco Ristuccia
Reportage text: © Christine Roth

Bee Generation

Piaggio Ape 501 - Salvatore Diamante - Gardener

Piaggio Ape 501 – Salvatore Diamante – Gardener

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Experimenting with Mobile Photography

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One, No One and One Hundred Thousand

UNC #01 - © Marco RistucciaPhoto: UNC #01 – © Marco Ristuccia

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The Sacred and the Profane

Image 01

With this article I’d like to let to you know something about Sicily (Italy), my land of birth. And I will do this by presenting one of my preferred projects, The Sacred and the Profane, shot in 2010 in Palermo, the capital city of this sunny island. Even though I was there only for a couple of weeks (I lived on the opposite side of Sicily) I still remember those times as a wonderful and colorful dream. There would be much to say about Sicily, its beautiful sea, its great landscapes and its friendly people, but I prefer to let images speak for themselves by showing part of this tale. Continue reading →