In memory of the great Mario Giacomelli

[cml_media_alt id='1770']Photo: Palermo (Sicily, Italy) - © Marco Ristuccia[/cml_media_alt]

Photo: Palermo (Sicily, Italy) – © Marco Ristuccia

In the fifteenth anniversary of the death of the great Italian photographer Mario Giacomelli, one of my best loved artists, I want to join the initiative of many other photographers and dedicate this shot to his memory.

Bee Generation

Piaggio Ape 501 - Salvatore Diamante - Gardener

Piaggio Ape 501 – Salvatore Diamante – Gardener

This project shows a world whose roots lie in my childhood spent in Sicily, the place where I was born. It’s about one of the most precarious categories of workers who try to survive from day to day by making a living without the certainty of tomorrow. They are street vendors, farm hands, smiths, and other small artisans and workers who still represent an important working class, particularly in South Italy, that is largely affected by the current crisis and in general by globalization. Read more →