In memory of the great Mario Giacomelli

[cml_media_alt id='1770']Photo: Palermo (Sicily, Italy) - © Marco Ristuccia[/cml_media_alt]

Photo: Palermo (Sicily, Italy) – © Marco Ristuccia

In the fifteenth anniversary of the death of the great Italian photographer Mario Giacomelli, one of my best loved artists, I want to join the initiative of many other photographers and dedicate this shot to his memory.

Experimenting with Mobile Photography

A lot of debates about mobile photography are still ongoing. Recently I read an article written by an Italian journalist, Roberto Cotroneo, who defines himself as an intellectual, writer and poet. In this article he nostalgically (and also pathetically) criticizes the alleged poor quality of the new mobile means and softwares. Continue reading →

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Another summer is going to end. In the last period I switched almost completely to monochrome photography. Maybe I’m tired of the tawdry and distracting colors, or I’m just more prone to focus on the “form” rather than on the “substance”. I really don’t know the reason why, but it’s a fact that I started seeing things in black & white.
Let’s see what will come…

New exhibition for “White Walls”

A new exhibition for my project White Walls is on the way:

Exhibition White Walls - SPAZIO Corsivo"

SPAZIO Corsivo | Schliemannstr. 29 | 10437 Berlin

You’ll find more infos about this work by clicking here. Visits and feedbacks are really welcome!

White Walls

Photo: WW #05 – © Marco Ristuccia

Photo: WW #05 – © Marco Ristuccia

This project focuses on the concept of “vacancy” as an increasingly rare subject to find in our chaotic contemporary cities. Something that still has the power to make us feel uncomfortable, with the urge to fill it with things, colors and signs. Indeed our minds are no longer accustomed to the absence of messages. And even the vacuum itself, like a black hole, yearns to be filled in by attracting everything in its range with some sort of magnetic energy. Continue reading →